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How to Check if I Got a Red Light Ticket in Virginia

How to Check if I Got a Red Light Ticket in Virginia

Did you recently run a red light and are worried that a traffic camera photographed your license plate? Are you wondering “how to check if I got a red light ticket in Virginia”?

If so, read below for more information about your possible red light ticket violation.


Red Light Ticket Information

If you ran through a yellow light and then the traffic light turned red, you may be OK because vehicles that are in the intersection when a light turns red should be exempt. If, however, you entered the intersection after the light was red, you very well may find yourself in need of a red light ticket defense.

With the increase in the use of stop light cameras, photo-enforced tickets are becoming more common. If you saw a flash while driving through an intersection, you may soon be getting a traffic camera ticket in the mail.

Your ticket should arrive in the mail in three to seven days. It’s mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. Even if you’re not the owner of the car, you are still technically liable for the ticket in Virginia. The right thing to do is to be responsible for your actions and pay it.

If you really want to know “how to check if I got a red light ticket” before it arrives in the mail, you could try calling your local police or sheriff’s department, but you should understand that the chances of their knowing are pretty slim.

However, many city and county websites now allow you to check if you have any traffic violations or pending traffic tickets in VA associated with your license plate number.

If you believe you have received a ticket in error, you can try to fight the charges in court. Be warned, though – without a traffic ticket lawyer on your side, it’s your word against the police, and they often have far more authority in the eyes of the court.

Get Help From The Traffic Law Specialists

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