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Will A DUI Affect Employment?


Will A DUI Affect Employment?

If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia, you might be wondering, “Will a DUI affect employment prospects in the future?”

Read below to learn what the consequences of DUI conviction on employment and how a Virginia DUI legal defender can help.

Employment Consequences

A DUI will affect your employment prospects differently depending upon your current employment situation.

If you are seeking employment, a DUI conviction means that you will have to check “yes” when asked on any application if you have been convicted of a crime. An employer is at liberty to deny your application based on this information or any subsequent background check.

If you are already employed, certain professions such as teaching, medical care, or the military often require immediate termination of an employee upon receiving a drunk driving conviction. Clearances for government and military workers can also be terminated under these circumstances.

For those looking to further their education, a DUI will affect employment for the longer term. Institutions can deny applicants based on a previous DUI conviction, cutting the hopes of doctors, lawyers, and other aspiring professionals short.

Vehicle Restrictions and Employment

One of the primary penalties of a DUI is a suspended license or restricted driving privileges. The restriction or revocation of your license can have a severe impact on your ability to perform your job. After the 2nd offense DUI, license restrictions can be even more long-lasting.

For instance, individuals who drive for a living such as truckers and taxi drivers may be unable to perform their work as a result of a DUI. The difficulty of finding employment after a DUI conviction makes things especially difficult for these commercial driver’s license holders.

If you rent cars for business travel in your current job, consider your ability to do your job effectively over upon conviction. Car rental companies may deny their services to you if you are convicted of a DUI. Whether directly or indirectly, a DUI will affect employment both now and in the future.

Where to Seek DUI Legal Help

If you have been charged with a DUI in Virginia and need help that can protect your future, you need to contact the law offices of The Irving Law Firm, P.C.. Call us at 703.468.1885 or contact us online for the legal support you need for your case.

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