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What Constitutes A Sex Crime In Virginia?

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The state of Virginia has very clear definitions on what constitutes a sex crime, with differing levels of severity for each type of sex crime.

Read below to learn some of the types of sex crimes you can be convicted for in Virginia, sex crimes penalties, and how those charged with a sexual offense can seek the help of a sex crimes lawyer.

Types Of Sex Crimes

Here are a few categories that will give you a sense of what constitutes a sex crime in Virginia.

  • Sexual Assault – Any act of sexual aggression or unwanted sexual contact could be classified as a type of sexual assault. This includes violent acts such as rape, and marital sexual assault, but can also include forced sexual advances and sexual battery.


  • Crimes Against Nature – Sexual contact between members of the same family, typically referred to as incest, is considered a sex crime in the state of Virginia.


  • Sexual Predation – Any individual who engages in menacing or sexually threatening activity is considered a sexual predator. This can include stalking (both physical and online) and indecent exposure of the genitals.


  • Child Sexual Abuse – Sex acts committed with a minor are considered a crime against children. This could include anything from predation, to physical abuse, to distribution and ownership of pornographic materials featuring children.


Sex Crime Penalties

Sex crimes are taken very seriously by Virginia law and carry massive penalties for convicted offenders. Here are a few important points:

  • All convicted sex offenders must register their name in the Virginia sex offender registry. The name will remain in the registry for at least a decade, visible to both employers and community members.


  • Nearly all sex offenses carry jail time which can range from six months to life imprisonment.


  • Fines can range from $250 to as high as $100,000, depending on what constitutes a sex crime.


  • Conviction of certain sex crimes, such as crimes against children, can prohibit you from being near to children. This can be devastating for parents with children who are still minors.


Where To Find A Sex Crimes Lawyer

If you have been charged with a sex crime, you need the help of a compassionate lawyer who understands what is at stake. Contact Us online or call us at 703.468.1885 today for legal help to keep your tomorrow alive.

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