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What is the Punishment for Forgery in Virginia?

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Are you facing conviction or punishment for forgery in Virginia?

Read on to learn the penalties for forgery and find out how a forgery lawyer can protect you if you are charged with a forgery crime.

What is Forgery?

Punishment for forgery covers any crime in which someone is alleged to have falsified something in order to deceive another party.

It could include, among other things, check forgery, signature forgery on documents like contracts and falsification of other such documents.

Charges for forgery could also include keeping or concealing tools used for forgery of official seals of the state of Virginia, or altering or deleting parts of existing writing in an attempt to defraud someone.

What Are the Penalties For Forgery?

The punishment for forgery can include prison time because forgery is a felony. In most cases, forgery is a felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a hefty fine.  The court will also require that any restitution be paid to the complaining witness. Some of the instances that can lead to a conviction for forgery include:

  • Forgery of a public record, certificate, return, or attestation, of a pubic officer or employee. This is applicable in instances where the document in question can be received as legal proof or an attempt is made to pass it as such.
  • If you are accused of keeping an instrument used for the purpose of forging the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia, court, public office, or corporate or political entity, then you face a conviction for forgery.
  • A guilty verdict can also be raised in a case involving the forging of coins or bank notes. This type of forgery covers bills that are current by law and in use in the Commonwealth of Virginia, notes and bills used by banks, and notes and bills used by non-existent entities.Individuals who engage in the sale, exchange, delivery, or offer to sell, exchange, or deliver such bills with the intent of employing those bills to be true also face the same penalty of a Class 4 felony conviction.

Since sentencing is highly case specific and takes factors like prior criminal history into account, someone accused of a crime like check forgery or signature forgery may or may not face the maximum, but the punishment for forgery will likely be severe nonetheless.

What Consequences Come from a Forgery Conviction?

Like many other kinds of criminal convictions, a forgery conviction is something that will follow you for the rest of your life.

Not only will the resulting jail time remove you from your family, but your return to society will be made difficult by the conviction showing up in background checks for any employment that you seek once you’re free. This can also extend to any prospects you have for your education, as a conviction on your record might make it more difficult for you to secure the financial aid you’d need to pay for college.

Your reputation and ability to make a living will most likely be permanently tarnished, making it difficult to return to a familiar lifestyle if you are ever convicted of the crime of forgery.

How Can You Protect Yourself?

If you find yourself facing legal punishment for forgery, then your strongest option for retaining your freedom is to consult an experienced forgery lawyer.

Forgery laws are complex and defending yourself against them is not something you want to do on your own. With the help of expert legal counsel, you can increase your chances of holding on to your freedom and continuing to live your life as you have.

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